my coalition

This is a list of organizations with whom I am currently engaged:

HS Sports Network

TVOI news – The Voice of Idaho

Operation Educate

Voter GA

Madison Forum

Libertarian Party of Cobb County

Libertarian Party of DeKalb County

Libertarian Party of Georgia

Georgia Activists

March Against Monsanto Atlanta

Georgia CARE Project – Campaign for Access, Reform and Education

Georgia HERO – Hemp Economic Revival Organization

Solutions Institute

Paul Revere Radio

Georgia Coalition of Patriots



Informed Georgia Grand Jury Forum

Georgians for Constitutional Gov’t

End the Fed

Peachtree NORML – Georgia Chapter of National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws

3% – The Three Percenters

Georgia Carry Organization

Empower the Youth

Atlanta Green Drinks

Georgia Peace and Justice Coalition

Citizens for Self Gov’t

Global Humanitarian Summit

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth

Fire Fighters for 9/11 truth

Spartacus Legal Foundation

Americans for Prosperity

Heritage Action Sentinels

Free Thought Project


Projects that are currently on hold:

Grandparents for Liberty

Coalition Press

Peach Hours Local Currency


We are Change Atlanta

Georgians to Stop Common Core

Past Political Campaigns:

Ted Metz for Georgia Insurance Commissioner – 2014

Derrick Grayson for Senate – 2014

Andrew Hunt for Governor of Georgia – 2014

Christine Austin for House District 50 – 2015

Ron Paul for President – 2012


Past Political Positions:

39th District Chair – Cobb County Republican Party – 2012

3rd Vice Chair –  13th District Republican Party – 2012

13th District Chair –  Republican Liberty Caucus – 2012

Georgia Libertarian Party Executive Committee Dist 5 – 2014

Vice Chairman Cobb County Libertarian Party – current